Love or hate search engines, they are important for business!

1. Google My Business is a free way of listing your Edinburgh company on Google and attracting new customers. Because the page is powered by Google, you are able to include your company listing in searches, maps, and more without needing to do any extra work to your website or SEO strategy.

2. On Google My Business, your viewers can easily see your Edinburgh business hours, location, contact information, reviews, and busy times. With all your information in one place, potential customers can easily decide if they would like to come visit your business or if they would like to do business with a competitor.

3. Google developed Google My Business as a way to make it easier for searchers to get the information they need without ever leaving the Google search bar. As searchers become more and more accustomed to this feature, they will be less likely to go to your website to find the information they’re looking for.

4.  Because Google wants to keep users on their site, they will put their own pages first. In a local search, this means that Google My Business pages will be among the top results regardless of how strong a website’s SEO strategy is. These Google My Business pages will also feature all the necessary information a searcher needs to keep them from clicking away from the Google page.

5.  If you do not have a Google My Business page, you don’t have a chance to be featured in the top list of results for your Edinburgh business. If users are not going beyond the list of Google My Business pages shown, you also won’t have a chance of catching their business.

Need help setting up your free My Google Business Listing?  We can help, just get in touch.