You might be considering WiX to design your website.  Many new business owners consider the platform as it appears to be a low-cost option.  Several new business owners have come to us recently after attempting to create their own website using one of these builders.

Before you decide to go down the WiX road, we would like to share some valuable advice with you. Here are six reasons why WiX might not be the best decision for your business.

1. Getting Help

If you’ve decided to use WiX and you run into a design issue, you’ll need to try to figure out how to fix it on your own.  There are website designers selling their services as WiX professional website designers for this exact reason. You will now be required to pay WiX  plus a WiX website designer to help you!

2. Professionalism 

If you attempt to create a website on your own, most people will most likely be able to tell it’s a template and not a custom website.  Your competitors may have custom websites which might be more attractive to your target market.  WiX uses templates so chances are your website will not be unique to your business.  

A custom website designed by a website designer sets your business apart from your competition and attracts more customers.

3. Value for Money

If you sign up for the WiX VIP plan and pay monthly, you’ll be paying nearly £275.00 per year for a website you’ll be required to design yourself. Over 5 years you’ll be paying £1375 plus the time you’ve spent designing it! You might also find you need to hire a WiX professional website designer to design site for you which will likely double your cost.

In comparison, our basic custom website design packages range from £600 to £700 as a one time cost with maintenance and hosting with an SSL certificate at under £100 per year.

4. Design & Feature Limitations

WiX uses templates which have design limitations. You can select one of the templates, but then this template needs to be customised to make it unique to your business.  Your logo might not fit or you might like to use other images but they don’t fit on the page properly.  You can also start from scratch but then you’ll really be opening a can of worms.

Another issue is if you decide you want to upgrade to a custom site at some point, it will not be possible to export your site data to another platform like WordPress.   

5. Time

Time is a precious resource and when you start your own business it can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.  We have had clients spend days and nights trying to design their own WiX sites before they call us for help.

Hiring a professional to create your website will save you precious time and allow you to focus your energy and expertise on core business areas to get your business off to the right start!

6. SEO

There are a lot of limitations when it comes to improving your Google ranking with a WiX website.  One issue is that WiX doesn’t allow Google bots to crawl all WiX pages so your website might not be getting crawled as often as it should be.

Before deciding to go with a WiX website, please contact us to discuss how we can help you with a custom website that will help your new business stand out from your competition.