Is it time to change your logo? We just did!


The way I see it…a brand refresh is a makeover for your company. I think of it like a personal makeover … a better haircut, up-to-date outfit, we make changes about our looks, It’s the same with our business brand.

We felt a new look, tone and presentation of the overall style will bring fresh recognition.

We hope our brand makeover is up-to-date, vibrant and designed for today’s audiences. Certainly, our business has increased and we have had lots of great feedback so far.


Our New logo Thoughts

Our old logo was more serious. It actually had a clever idea embedded in the word ‘Moo’, so clever in fact that hardly anyone saw it. If you look closely and view the word ‘Moo’ upside down, it says the word ‘Cow’.

We felt we wanted to have a more visually ‘playful’ logo this time…you can never be too serious with the word ‘Moo’ as your business name. It’s amazing how adding some horns and hints of a cow, plus a new modern typeface revitalized our brand.

The final touch was to add splashes of lime and a zesty orangey yellow tone to our palette to complete our brand.

It felt natural to introduce the beautiful highland cows to our web pages and our new look was complete.